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A few years ago, my daughter was on life support while five months pregnant. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My only hope was listening to my granddaughter’s heartbeat with the nurse, late at night.


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Words and music from blues, roots, and Americana to combinations of classical, folk, Irish, and jazz.

Composer Fighting Pancreatic Cancer

As the Irish say, is this a private fight, or can anyone join in? Everybody is welcome in this fight. I found a place in Germany that gets real results in clearing cancer in a month with intense integrative medicine. That's my goal, along with continuing to record music until either I can't or the cancer goes into remission.  No donation is too small. I am humbled and grateful for the hearts who have helped.

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About the Blue Horse album:

"...absolute dynamite emotion filled blues...
True Texas with a groove..."
- Bob Fonda, program director, KLFX

"Images of homelessness ('Stick out your thumb and call it home') abound in Rick Hart's music. Every song is about people moving on, or wishing they could ('I don't want to be the one I'm leaving behind'). This searching for redemption over the next hill, or around the next bend of the river, is of course the great theme of American music. . . ."
- Jeremiah Kelley, poet (Southwest Review)

About the Journey Dance album:

"A self-taught composer, Rick Hart writes orchestrations and forms which make his music fascinating but never academic. The colors of the unusual instrumentation strike the listener from the first note of every cut. His music fits in a rare groove which cuts across market stereotypes. . . ."
- Mark Roberts, Dallas

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Sunny Lady 

Feeding the Beast 

Smiling Eyes, Sweet as Laughter 

Morning Prayer 



Thanks to producer/engineer Jack Waldenmaier for his work on
the Journey Dance and Blue Horse albums, plus several other songs.